PS3 – Don’t throw away that Jailbreak Dongle…

You may have read in my previous posts here and here, on how I converted the Demo PS3 that I purchased into a normal retail unit. Part of the success in getting this right was due to my using a “jailbreak” device, of which there are many models. The one I used is an E3 Card Reader.

Now the sad reality is that jailbreak devices, like the E3 Card Reader, are no longer required to load homebrew on the PS3.

Custom firmware (CFW) has allowed the running of unsigned (Sony non-approved) applications on the PS3. Remember that almost everything can be used for both good and evil, and yes there are those that will take advantage of CFW the evil way (pirates) but there are also those that use this ability to look for ways to improve the functionality of PS3 – think the hacker Graf_Chokolo, who is trying to restore (remember Sony removed it) and even improve Linux functionality on the PS3.

Anyway back to the E3 Card Reader jailbreak device.  Post my converting my Demo PS3 to a Retail PS3, the E3 Card Reader has been laying on the shelf next to my PS3.  I have not used it since loading the CFW and frankly it was going to be kept in case I found another Demo PS3 unit at a Cash Crusaders/Converters… until now that is…

Seems the folks over at E3DIY have found a new use for it! It can now perform game cheats – unlimited health, unlimited ammo, etc – on certain games using their FREE E3 GoldenFinger app.  The list of games is not long at the moment (I only own about 5 of them), but no doubt more games will be added as this new method of using jailbreak devices gets more popular.

To quote their website (excuse the English):

Hi Buddy

We are E3diy. Do you forget your E3card Reader?
Today we will bring you a new surprise, a complete FREE gift, the E3 Golden Finger.
Three months ago, there was a war that engulf the world. It’s not only the war between SONY and hackers but also among the jailbreakers. You know, there were three kinds of jailbreaks:
those could not be upgraded, those the clone of the clone of the clone and those big-ones which could downgrade the PS3 firmware from 3.50 to any lower version. Those of the three. That was three months ago. And now, how many of them can still be named?

I don’t want to mention that we were the one who had fistly cheated the PSN with a 3.5proof then made the SONY change its strategy;
I don’t want to mention that we were the first one who had released the world’s first unlimited downgrader for completely free meanwhile some smart guys tried to sell their promise but made everyone upset.
I just want to say, hi guys we are still here, we still work for your joy, and other than these, nothing is important.

Currently, E3 GoldenFinger support genuine games ( check game list ) , and the supporting for ROM is coming soon. You can download the E3 GoldenFinger by click here, and read the user guide from here.

Armed with the E3 Golden Finger means that you could have:
– unlimited ammo
– unlimited HP and MP
– An undead body in the game.
– Teach those big-guys who truly is the right BOSS.

The only thing you need is to:
Download the free upgrade file
– Plug your E3card Reader in your PC
– Copy the upgrade file (GoldenFinger.bin) to the E3Upgrader driver
– Copy the CFD folder into the 4M memory stick(E3_4M_STICK).
– Please refer to the user guide for the useage.

Then everything is done.

For your joy, we will
– bring more new features to you,
– add support for new games ASAP
– try to make the next surprise for you quietly. ^_^

Have a good time.

E3 – make Everything Easy and Efficient

Best Regards

Well I guess I have another reason now for keeping my E3 Card Reader.

If you looking for one, you can buy one here, for a lot less than what I paid for mine!

DISCLAIMER: The above post is for educational purposes only! I do not condone piracy or hacking, but believe that if you purchase hardware you have the right to use it as you please. I also believe if you buy a game you have the right to make and use a backup copy of it to ensure your original media does not get damaged. Please Don’t Pirate Games – Support the Developers!  They also have families to feed!


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