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Let me start off by saying that I really enjoy racing games. Apogee had a game in DOS called Wacky Wheels that I had a shareware version of on my old computer, and since then I was hooked on car racing games on the computer.

The other day while on Facebook, someone showed a big box they had purchased of a game called Re-Volt.   Suddenly memories of this gem of a game came rushing back.  I had a demo version on my Celeron machine many years ago and I had actually forgotten about it! So off to Google to see if it was finally classified as abandonware…

ReVolt logo

This little gem was released in 1999  by Acclaim Studios for a whole bunch of platforms. The aim of the game was to race your remote control car in different environments (like neighbourhood streets) and you could pick up lightning bolts that gave you weapons or powerups (Mario Kart sound familiar?).  The Wikipedia page can be found here.

Here is a screenshot of what it looked like.

LGR - Re-Volt - PC Game Review - YouTube

Well the great news is that the game is still alive and well in 2020 and has been modified to allow for online gaming and custom tracks and cars.

Head over to https://www.revoltrace.net/index.php and see latest news and links to downloads.  There is also a website called http://revoltzone.net/ where you can download the full 1.8Gb ZIP file and extra cars and tracks!

If you looking for an awesome racing game do check this one out!

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