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OK so I had 3 months to get my HbA1c down or else my doctor was going to up my medication dosage.

My wife and I like I last said, discussed the possibility of me going on this LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet, and we decided to give it our best shot. I must say thank you once again to my wife for all her support that she gave – without it I would not actually be blogging about this now.

OK action plan – Number 1 – Exercise. Now I am the first one to say that I would rather be the one watching the sport than actually taking part in it. But I had to start somewhere.  Well I set my alarm clock to 05h00 for the next morning. Got my tracksuit pants and walking shoes ready. Got my HTC Desire cellphone ready (had not used it in about 8 months) that I could use to stream a radio station (using TuneIn Radio) while walking. I was ready!  The next morning I forced myself out of bed.  My body screamed “no you are crazy get back into that bed” but my will power said “if you don’t do it today you will never do it”. I huffed and puffed for 2km around my neighbourhood – walking. When I got home I felt strangely OK…in fact the rest of the day I actually felt good and full of energy.

The next morning I decided that I should start keeping track of my progress and speed.  I did a search in the Google Play Store and found that Google MyTracks would fit the bill perfectly for me. Again I noticed that strangely I felt actually great that day also. Hmmm…maybe this walking thing was actually good…

A week later my wife decided to join me on the walk. I must say although I was not longer listening to streaming radio, it was much better to be able to have 20 minutes to adult talk time with her.

Using MyTracks it started showing me that I was actually starting to improve on my overall time and speed.  This in turn made me WANT to actually do better.  My wife bought me some 4kg dumbells and I started walking with it. This felt great!

Coming Up… Food…

*Disclaimer – Please note that I am merely sharing my experience and story, and I do not condone anyone stopping whatever medication that they may be on.  Please see the About section for full disclaimer.

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