Google Hangouts removed my Messaging app!

Topic - Android So one of my favorite clients came into me the other day with an issue where the Messaging application icon was missing from her Samsung Galaxy S3, and oh yes can you please check to see if you can have Google Hangouts stop managing my SMS’s.

Now I knew that her phone is not rooted so actually deleting the system application would have been impossible, but I knew that Google Hangouts would have been the cause…

Open Hangouts, go to settings and untick the SMS option.  Done.

OK now I open the app drawer and low and behold no Messaging application… Hmmmm….

I did a quick Google search and found that it is most likely caused when the application is disabled.

I opened Settings, Application Manager and started scrolling and scrolling looking for Messaging…I eventually found it – right at the bottom of the list and as you can see below it was set to Disabled.

Opening it allows you the option to Enable it again. On enabling it Messaging was back in the app drawer! Check it out below…

MadMike posted at 2014-2-25 Category: Android

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