Worlds Most Rugged Phones – Sonim

A while back I was chatting to my Cape Town colleague, Francois Jordaan, and asked him what cellphone I could get my standby technicians.

I wanted something that would be rugged and have a LOOOOOONG battery life.

He said that he would email me a clip on a phone that he was using. It was called a Sonim. He said this phone was water proof, shock proof and had a 3 year warranty.  Water proof phone??

Here is the video that he sent me, it is a 4 min 30 sec clip but be sure to watch the WHOLE clip:

Seriously if you don’t want to get one now after watching this clip then I don’t know…

I paid in R650,00 on a Vodacom Business package for the phone for the technicians.

In case you are wondering yes it definitely IS waterproof… I took it home one evening, put water in the kitchen sink and placed the phone in the water.  I then went to the bedroom and dialed the phone.  I then shouted down the passage asking my wife to please answer the phone.  Imagine her surprise discovering where the ringing was coming from!

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