Upgrading from DOS all the way to Windows 7

If you have been around computers for a while now you may still remember DOS and Windows 3.1(1). Maybe your first computer came with Windows 95, or even Windows 98. Maybe you skipped a generation and was first introduced to Windows 2000 or XP. Well regardless I doubt there is anyone on the planet that has not worked on at least one version of Microsoft Windows on a PC…

The dude from Andy’s Tech Experiments did an interesting exercise, and recorded it for all to enjoy!

He took a Virtual Machine and setup DOS and Windows 1 on it, then proceeded to upgrade all the way up to Windows 7.  He skipped Windows ME, but then even Microsoft would rather forget that one…

Have a look at this YouTube video and enjoy the blast from the past…btw Monkey Island and Doom also make appearances  🙂


Check out his blog for more information on how he got it right –  http://rasteri.blogspot.com/2011/03/chain-of-fools-upgrading-through-every.html


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