Computer Hardware Poster

I discovered this poster when I was looking for a hardware poster to explain to my then IT Intern Technician, Tshepo Rapoo, what the different ports on a computer looks like.

The image was put together by a person calling themselves “~Sonic840” and the effort put into it really shows.  The version that was current on his site at the time of this post was version 1.7, but it seems he is working on version 2.0, so I will definitely be checking out his site in future again.

The image is 4320 x 6120 resolution and is a whopping 24Mb download.  The good news is that you can order a print online or just download to print it out yourself (if you so lucky to have an A2 or A1 printer lying around to fully appreciate it)…

Check it out! I know that I learnt a lot from it, and so did Tshepo!

MadMike posted at 2011-2-19 Category: Interesting Finds

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