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One Trillion Dollars – Just how much is that… (2011-5-21)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…OK don’t ask how or why I was looking for this 🙂 but I found it interesting enough… ZeroHedge has an article by Michael Victory entitled “What Does a Trillion Dollars Look Like?“. To Quote the site: Firstly: When trillion becomes old school, what will replace it? Next: How do a trillion […]

Hardware: HP MicroServer Specs (2011-5-20)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…The HP ProLiant MicroServer (as it is officially known) is an excellent “starter” or home server. The official website link can be found here.  To quote the site: You have multiple versions of files floating around the company and maintaining control of document versions is becoming a challenge – there is no […]

Hardware: HP MicroServer (2011-5-19)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Today brings a new section to this blog, namely Hardware.  In it I will be posting about computer hardware that I have purchased or looking at purchasing in the hopes to help you decide if you want to purchase as well. In February 2011 I was looking at a small form factor […]

Old Man of the Lake (2011-5-18)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Reading a title like “Old Man of the Lake” would normally not make me want to read the article, but when I saw what the “old man” actually was I could resist and read it. The picture above is of the “Old Man of the Lake” that is actually a tree stump […]

Uses for Fake Transcend 32Gb Memory Sticks (2011-5-17)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Ok, so you realise that the “bargain” you bought at the robots is not really a 32Gb Transcend USB Memory Stick, but a low quality knock off worth far less than what you paid for it….believe me after the anger has subsided for being ripped off you will start looking for ways […]

Monday Mix – GIF’s… (2011-5-16)

www.simplesharebuttons.comDon’t be shelfish…Share via…Not the usual Monday Mix, but anyway…stumbled across this website that has a bunch of animated GIF’s. For those of you who don’t know what a GIF is, it is a format of picture that is generally low quality (so smaller in size) than other formats like JPEG or BMP, but what […]