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I was just surfing around the other night and stumbled across a video on YouTube that was entitled “How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig.

After I had watched it I thought a little bit about it, and then continued to view other videos on the site.

The next day however I could not stop thinking about this video.  Was it possible that what he said could actually help one find their purpose in life?  I came home, watched the video again and then decided to write this post.

Have a look – its only like 10 minutes long…

“How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes” by Adam Leipzig.

Now ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Who are you?  – Say your name.
  • What do you do / love to do? – What is the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach other people?
  • Who do you do it for? – eg. client, family, parents, friends, etc.
  • What do those people want or need from you? – Why do these people come to you for that one thing you do?
  • How do these people change/transform as the result of what you give them? – What do they get out from it?

Now put all your answers together in one sentence and say it out loud.

If you break it down – two of those questions are about YOU, the other three are about OTHERS and the impact that YOU have on them.

To really know your purpose in life one needs to be outward facing, not inward – focus on others and not yourself.

The most successful people in any field are always focused most on the people that they serve, rather than on how they are served themselves.

Happier people  make it a point to make other people happy and do things that make them feel well taken care of and secure.  If make other people happy, life teaches us that we will be taken care of too. 

Wow! That is so true! Even in the bible in Matthew 7:12 it says “do to others what you would have them do to you…

Mull that thought over today. Identify what the greater, more external purpose is of what you love to do everyday. When you can do that and start focusing it on others more, not only will it make your work/hobby sound more interesting to other people, but you may just start to walk into work with more energy and a known purpose.

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