When you need to watch that TV Episode…

The hero is trapped. The bad dude is about to make his move and then suddenly up pop those dreaded words “TO BE CONTINUED…

If you a TV addict like me, you will know what I mean when I say that sometimes you just HAVE to see that next episode…

Well if you have a 4Mbps UNcapped ADSL line then you may be in luck.  Point your media centre PC, PS3 or PC browser to the following link and be prepared to be amazed…


Now I am not going to get into the legality of streaming or accessing TV series that have already shown overseas but not locally.  That is not my place to discuss and it is to heavy a debate to get into right now.

This website allows you to stream TV episodes via your browser. Free.  OK, OK… “Free”. If you have uncapped ADSL it won’t really matter on how much you streaming. “Free” is you don’t mind being limited to 70 minutes of streaming and then waiting 2 hours for another free slot.

It is VERY easy.

  1. Search for your TV series by name.
  2. Click on the Season.
  3. Click on the Episode you want to watch.
  4. A list should open showing all the available hosts of the episode, click on one of them
  5. Click on the big red CONTINUE button
  6. If you have chosen the MegaVideo host a window will display a big RED play button, click this.
  7. The red button will turn green, click this and then
  8. Sit back and enjoy with your favourite popcorn or snack.

Have a look at what is available. If that is not enough motivation to get that uncapped ADSL line then I don’t know  🙂

Please excuse me now, the show is about to start…

MadMike posted at 2011-1-21 Category: Tips

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