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A Tablet PC for under R700,00 (shipping included) (2011-3-25)

For sometime now I have been watching the Tablet market here locally. The Apple iPad (yes it is beautiful) is ridiculously expensive, and even with the iPad 2 (not touched one yet) being recently released overseas the prices locally on iPad 1 only dropped like R800,00 off the R8000,00 price tag for the top of […]

Radiation Levels – What is acceptable? (2011-3-24)

They are known as the “Fukushima 50”; the workers at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power station who are working tirelessly to prevent a nuclear meltdown at the plant.  This all after the impact the earthquakes as well as tsunami’s have had on the nuclear plant and more specifically Japan earlier this month. These “Fukushima 50” are […]

Sierra – Johnny Castaway Screensaver (2011-3-23)

Like I have stated before, I have a very special place in my heart for “old school” games made by a company called Sierra. Now sadly the founders of Sierra, Ken and Roberta Williams, sold the company many years ago to enjoy life on a very large boat; and the brand has been sold a […]

Lighterside: Different Mustaches for Mario (2011-3-22)

Continuing with Monday’s Mario theme…How would Mario look like if he tried out different styles of mustaches… Well no more wondering… Artist Mike Stefanini from Atomike Studios helps us with that one… Introducing the different “mo” mustache options for Mario…   (Source: Atomike Studio)

Monday Movie Mix: Mario Mix (2011-3-21)

Todays Monday Movie Mix is focused on Mario – from the famous Nintendo games…come on you must know who I am talking about…   (1) What if Mario was a First Person Shooter game? [youtube=] (2) Real life Mario Kart by french artist Rémi Gaillard [youtube=] (3) Super Mario played on the Violin – amazing! [youtube=] […]

$#*! My Dad Says… (2011-3-18)

DISCLAIMER: SENSITIVE READERS MAY BE OFFENDED BY THIS POST.   (PG: L) I dig William Shatner.  Star Trek and Boston Legal, the dude is a legend.  So naturally when I heard he was starring in a new TV series called “$#*! My Dad Says” I just had to see what it was about. The TV […]