A Tablet PC for under R700,00 (shipping included)

For sometime now I have been watching the Tablet market here locally.

The Apple iPad (yes it is beautiful) is ridiculously expensive, and even with the iPad 2 (not touched one yet) being recently released overseas the prices locally on iPad 1 only dropped like R800,00 off the R8000,00 price tag for the top of the range one.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (7″) is a comfortable size but also the cash price of R7000,00 does not position it for the everyday person – besides with the cellular providers pushing it as a “phone” tablet, I personally think they missed the mark…

So I started looking at the Chinese “clone” tablets. There are so many on Ebay you can get really lost between all the different models. A downside with taking this route however is that the Google Market does not “recognize” these devices so loading apps can happen either by downloading the APK file on your PC then installing it via USB or MicroSD card, or by trying an alternative App Market.

Now the reason for my wanting a tablet is mainly for EBook reading, watching the occasional YouTube video in bed or checking Gmail or updating Facebook status. A 10″ screen would be great (you know for reading magazines etc) but a 7″ should be usable I recon.

So this last night I was browsing one of my favorite online stores – Lightake.com – and  I see that they have an Android 7″ tablet Eken M009S for – $89.99.  (Do exchange conversion here)

Check out the special here –


Here are some pictures I got off another site:

Here are the specs from the manufacturers page:


– MID (Mobile Internet Device) 7″ with 0.3MP camera
– Operating System : Android 2.2
– CPU:VIA8650 800MHz
– RAM: 256MB DDR2
– NAND Flash : 2GB
– 7″ Touch Screen 16:9 / Resolution : 800*480
– WIFI: 802.11 b/g
– Support External 3G (via USB)
– Orientation sensor: G-sensor ,automatic steering display screen
– With E-Book function , office word processing and “Document To Go” ( Microsoft Word,Excel, PPT and PDF)
– Support E-mail: G-mail; Yahoo mail ; Hotmail . POP3 and SMTP account are supported
– Communication software : Fring; SkypeOut; MSN;Skype and GTalk.
– Others: Weather; Clock; Calendar; Calculator; Contacts; Picture Capture
– Support Audio play :
Audio Formats: MP2; MP3; WAV; AAC; WMA
– Support Video play :
720p playing ,Video Formats: MPEG1/2/4; MJPG; H263; H264
– Slot List :
TF x 1 ( maximum : 32GB)
30pin data interface x 1
Stereo Audio Out x 1
Microphone in x 1
– Rechargeable Li-Polyer
– Battery: 1600MAh ,7.4V

Not to bad specs if you consider the price being paid for it… Remember this is NOT an iPad – definitely not at that price!

Here is a YouTube video of the device being used:



Now what is great about Lightake is that the price you see is the price you pay as it includes FREE shipping worldwide. In case you are wondering – yes I have ordered from them before, many times, and I have yet to have a shipping problem with them; and if you order over $15 then they give a tracking number also – so you can harass the Post Office on delivery (normally 3-4 weeks)…there is an option for EMS shipping (5-8 working days) but that would be an extra R250 on the price 🙁

I placed my order last night – 24 March – so I will keep you updated on the progress…and take photos of unboxing…

HURRY as this offer expires soon! – (Sunday 27 March 2011)


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