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11 in 1 Survival Tool Card (2011-5-3)

Sometimes you can come across something that is cheap, but you decide not to buy it because you “may never need to use it”.   Chances are shortly after that you will need that item and then kick yourself not for getting it in the first place.  Today post is about one of them. I […]

Interesting Facts about Microsoft (2011-4-27)

Love them or hate them, Microsoft will be no doubt be around for many years to come…           (Source:

Gadgets for Geeks – PS3 Goodies under $10 (shipped) (2011-4-20)

If you reading this blog, chances are you are interested in gadgets, and no doubt have a few around the house.  You most likely are also on the lookout for the bargain item that you “may use one day”. Well todays post is aimed for those PS3 fans out there – goodies for less than […]

QR Codes – Generate Your Own (2011-4-17)

You might have noticed websites or products showing a strange picture like this… OK, if you have wondered what this is – it is a QR (bar)code.   To quote a website called : A QR Code (it stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, […]

What To Do at First Alien Encounter (2011-4-13)

Let’s say that for whatever reason you are the first Human ever to make Alien contact…here’s tips on how to handle the situation :-). Click image to enlarge.                                                       […]

The History of the Internet (2011-4-5)

The Internet has almost just become an extension of one’s self. There really is almost nothing that gets done without it. And with nearly all mobile phones giving Internet capability to the individual right in the palm of the hand, it truly is hard to fathom that there once was a time without the World […]