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PS3 – Converting a Demo PS3 to a Retail Unit (Part 1) (2011-1-28)

I was one of the folks that coughed up a lot of money in 2008 for one of the first Playstation 3 60Gb models – two months before the price drop (yup thats my luck). The reason for getting the 60Gb one was that it was backward compatible with Playstation 2 games. Now Sony was […]

PS3 – Folder Structure for External Media (2011-1-23)

OK so you have hard drive (or USB flash) formatted with FAT32 that you want to plug into your PS3, but the Music does not show up on the XMB under Music, neither do the Photos or Music… So just how is the PS3 expecting the folder structure to be setup? Found this great article […]

PS3: HowTo: Format FAT32 on a Drive Larger than 32Gb (2011-1-12)

Large hard drives, larger than 32Gb, are common today. In fact it is pretty difficult these days, if not near impossible, to get a drive smaller than 200Gb new. To be able to use a drive (and we are talking about a Windows system here) one has to create a partition on it (ie. you […]

DJ Hero Cable Crumble (2011-1-11)

Just after Christmas we went to the local Makro to pickup some stuff. As usual I do a pass in the music and game section to see what bargains can be found.  Low and behold there is a DJ Hero kit for Playstation 3 for only R399.00. So I grab one (they also had XBox […]