PS3 Recovery Menu

Occasionally you might have to put your PS3 into a Recovery Mode to perform certain functions.

Functions like:

– Restoring all default settings
– Restoring the file system
– Rebuilding the database
– Restoring the PS3 system from a backup
– Or reinstalling the system firmware

To enter the Recovery Mode all you need to do is:

1. Turn off PS3.
2. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
3. Once the System has been shutdown, press the power on button again but keep your finger on the button.
4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.
5. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button
6. The Recovery menu will pop up.

Good luck with whatever it is that you need to do in the Recovery Mode.

MadMike posted at 2011-2-8 Category: Playstation

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