Android: Silent Time

If you are anything like me, you go into a meeting, turn your phone on silent and then forget to turn the silent mode off when the meeting is finished…

Worse yet is not knowing that your spouse is trying to get hold of you urgently while you are in the meeting…and the phone is on silent!

You need to get – Silent Time by Quite Hypnotic Studios

Now there is a free and paid for version ($1.99), but I have been using the free version and I am impressed with it.

You can either schedule times when the phone needs to automatically go into silent mode, or you can set a quick option to silent the phone for the next X amount of minutes.  There is a widget you can add to your home screen for quick access also.

Another option is that you can choose to turn the phone Vibrate on an incoming call on or off, but the feature I like the most is that you can have exceptions lists. My wife’s cell number is listed as an exception and  if she calls me while Silent Time is running the phone WILL ring – remember it could be an emergency…

Anyway if you often need to put your Android phone on silent and forget to turn silent mode off again…get this app – you will NOT be sorry!
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MadMike posted at 2011-4-16 Category: Android

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