Android: OnTrack – Helping Diabetics Keep Track

I am a Diabetic.

And as all Diabetics will know, you have to keep track of your blood sugar levels to ensure that you will be around for some time still.

You can either rely on the memory function of your Glucose Meter, or keep track by writing the information in a log book, or you can step into the modern world and use your smartphone. The great thing is that you will always have your phone with you, so looking for that log book becomes a thing of the past.

I looked at a few free apps that were available on the Android Market, however one really stood out for me – OnTrack by GExperts.

This is the main screen of the app.   There you can add an entry, like your Glucose level, Medication Taken, Pulse, Food, Exercise etc. Of if you forgot to add an entry, select Edit and insert the entry at the time it occurred.  You can select report and see graphs, and at the bottom of the screen you can see your averages for the day, week and month.

As you can see the interface is clean and simple, the graph is only one of the many available and the reports are also great, and it gives you the ability to export it to HTML or XML so that you can print it out and give to your doctor.

If you are a diabetic I seriously recommend you check out the website and the app. OnTrack is available on the Android market, you can download it from there or scan the QR code below with your phone:

(images from GExperts website)

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