HOWTO: Make Dora the Explorer Party Decorations


In this post you are going to read about how I made other decorations for my daughters Dora the Explorer themed birthday party.

If you have not looked at the previous post on “HOWTO: Make a Dora the Explorer Map” then do yourself a favor and check it out. I recon its pretty cool 🙂

OK lets start…


How To: Make Stars for “Star Catching Game”

I did a Google Image search for “Dora Stars” and came across a blog that contained an A4 page with stars on it (in colour). I was not about to colour in 12 different stars so I opened it in Irfanview and played with the Red, Green and Blue to get different coloured stars from the original image.

I then printed it out in colour on A4 and glued it onto a cardboard box that I had cut up. This was to give the star some support. My wife and I then cut out each star with a scissors.

Then taking some string of about 80cm in length, I tied a paper clip to the one end (bottom) and an adjustable loop on the other end (top).  Using a peg I attached the loop end to the washing line and let the paperclip hang down.  I asked my daughter to reach up and adjusted the string to a height that was just out of reach (so they had to jump to get it).

Next I attached the stars to the string with the paperclip. This was so that nothing would rip or tear when the kids pulled it off the rope.  Here are a few photos…


1. Star Catching - Up close to a star

1. Star Catching – Up close to a star

2. Star Catching - Hanging the stars

2. Star Catching – Hanging the stars

3. Star Catching - Daddy's little star catcher

3. Star Catching – Daddy’s little star catcher


How To: Make Dora and Friends Lawn Characters

Its not a Dora party unless Dora’s friends are there also. We just had to have Isa the Iguana, Swiper the Fox, Boots, Backpack, Map, Tico the Squirrel, Diego, Benny the Bull and of course Dora there!

Once again Google Image search come in handy as I searched for pictures of the different characters. Taking one character at a time I printed out, in colour on an A3 page, each character. I then glued it to cardboard (a cardboard box that I cut up) to provide it support.

Then taking wooden skewer sticks I inserted it into the cardboard at the bottom and left about 7cm of it outside.  This part (the skewer stick) then was placed into the ground.  Making it look like the character was standing there… check it out!

Dora Lawn Characters - Backpack, Map and Tico

Dora Lawn Characters – Backpack, Map and Tico

Dora Lawn Characters - Swiper and Dora

Dora Lawn Characters – Swiper and Dora

Dora Lawn Characters - Isa and Diego

Dora Lawn Characters – Isa and Diego


In closing…

The party although small, was enjoyed by all and I am sure that my little girl will always remember her 3rd birthday Dora the Explorer party…

Dora Party

Dora Party…waiting for friends

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